AARNI《Bathos》(芬蘭Avantgarde Doom Metal)

AGE OF SILENCE《Acceleration》(挪威Progressive Metal)

AGHORA《Aghora》(美國Technical Progressive Metal a la CYNIC)

AMORAL《Wound Creation》(芬蘭Technical Death Metal a la DEATH)

ANDRALLS《Force Against Mind》(巴西Thrash Metal a la SEPULTURA)

ANDRALLS《Inner Trauma》(巴西Thrash Metal a la SEPULTURA)

ANGER AS ART《Angers as Art》(美國Thrash Metal)

ANGRA《Angels Cry》(巴西南美民族色彩技術派Symphonic Power Metal)

ANGRA《Holy Land》(巴西南美民族色彩技術派Progressive Power Metal)

ANGRA《Fireworks》(巴西南美民族色彩技術派Progressive Power Metal)

ANGRA《Rebirth》(巴西南美民族色彩技術派Symphonic Power Metal)

ANGRA《Rebirth World Tour - Live in Sao Paulo》(巴西南美民族色彩技術派Symphonic Power Metal)

ANGRA《Temple of Shadows》(巴西南美民族色彩技術派Progressive Power Metal)

ANTIMATTER《Saviour》(英國Dark Ambient Rock)

AORTIC REGURGITATION《Aortic Regurgitation》(香港Thrash Metal)

APHOTIC《Aphotic》(美國Doom Metal a la KATATONIA)

APHOTIC《Under Veil of Dark》(美國Doom Metal a la KATATONIA)

APHOTIC《Stillness Grows》(美國Doom Metal a la KATATONIA)

ARCH ENEMY《Black Earth》(瑞典Melodic Death Metal)

ARCH ENEMY《Stigmata》(瑞典Melodic Death Metal)

ARCH ENEMY《Burning Bridges》(瑞典Melodic Death Metal經典作)

ARCH ENEMY《Wages of Sin》(瑞典Melodic Death Metal)

ARCH ENEMY《Anthems of Rebellion》(瑞典Melodic Death Metal)

ARCTURUS《Aspera Hiems Symfonia / Constellation / My Angel》(挪威Avantgarde Metal)

ARCTURUS《La Masquerade Infernale》(挪威暗黑歌劇Avantgarde Metal)

ARCTURUS AND THE DECEPTION CIRCUS《Disguised Masters》(挪威Dark Electronica)

ARCTURUS《The Sham Mirrors》(挪威Avantgarde Metal)

ARSEBREED《Munching the Rotten》(荷蘭Brutal Death Metal)

ASHES TO ASHES《Cardinal VII》(挪威Gothic Power Metal a la THERION)

ASTRIAAL《Renascent Misanthropy》(澳洲Black Metal)

AT THE GATES《Slaughter of the Soul》(瑞典Melodic Death Metal經典作)

AVULSION《Indoctrination into the Cult of Death》(美國Death Metal)

AYREON《Into the Electric Castle》(荷蘭Progressive Metal)

AYREON《Universal Migrator Pt. 1: The Dream Sequencer》(荷蘭Progressive Rock a la PINK FLOYD)

AYREON《Universal Migrator Pt. 2: Flight of the Migrator》(荷蘭Progressive Metal a la DREAM THEATER)

AYREON《The Human Equation》(荷蘭Progressive Rock)

BEATALLICA《A Garage Dayz Nite》(美國"Brithrash":BEATLES + METALLICA)

BEATALLICA《Beatallica》(美國"Brithrash":BEATLES + METALLICA)

BIOMECHANICAL《Eight Moons》(英國Modern Power Metal)

BIOMECHANICAL《The Empires of the Worlds》(英國Modern Power Metal)


BLOODBATH《Resurrection Through Carnage》(瑞典明星陣容Death Metal)

BLOODBATH《Nightmares Made Flesh》(瑞典明星陣容Death Metal)

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE《Scream Aim Fire》(英國Metalcore)

CARNAL GRIEF《Out of Crippled Seeds》(瑞典Melodic Death Metal a la CARCASS)

CHAIN COLLECTOR《The Masquerade》(挪威Melodic Death Metal)

CHAINSAW《Smell the Saw》(荷曲Thrash Metal a la DESTRUCTION)

CHASTISEMENT《Alleviation of Pain》(瑞典Death Metal)


CHILDREN OF BODOM《Something Wild》(芬蘭Melodic Death Metal)

CHILDREN OF BODOM《Hatebreeder》(芬蘭Melodic Death Metal經典作)

CHILDREN OF BODOM《Follow the Reaper》(芬蘭Melodic Death Metal)

CHILDREN OF BODOM《Hate Crew Deathroll》(芬蘭Melodic Death Metal)

CHROME SHIFT《Ripples in Time》(丹麥Progressive Metal)

CLOSER《Darkness in Me》(瑞典Metalcore)

CORRINNE MAY《Fly Away》(香港Acoustic Pop)

COURAGEOUS《Inertia》(德國Progressive Metal)

CRIMSON MASSACRE《The Luster of Pandemonium》(美國Death Metal a la IMMOLATION, INCANTATION)

CRISIS《Like Sheep Led to Slaughter》(美國Experimental Hardcore)

DARK LUNACY《Devoid》(意大利Classical Death Metal/"Dramatic Death Metal")

DARK LUNACY《Forget-Me-Not》(意大利Classical Death Metal/"Dramatic Death Metal")

DARKANE《Rusted Angel》(瑞典前衛Thrash Death Metal)

DARKANE《Insanity》(瑞典前衛Thrash Death Metal)

DARKANE《Expanding Senses》(瑞典前衛Industrial Thrash Metal)

DARKANE《Layers of Lies》(瑞典前衛Technical Thrash Metal)

DEAD SOUL TRIBE《Dead Soul Tribe》(奧地利Progressive Metal)

DEATH DU JOUR《Fragments of Perdition》(芬蘭Brutal Death Metal)

DEATHGUY《The Legend of Romancer (reviewed by T.M.O.)》(泰國Death Metal / Black Metal)


DEFLESHED《Royal Straight Flesh》(瑞典Thrash Death Metal)

DEMONIC RESURRECTION《A Darkness Descends》(印度Melodic Death Metal)

DEMONOID《Riders of the Apocalypse》(瑞典明星陣容Death Metal)

DEREK SHERINIAN《Inertia》(美國明星陣容Progressive Rock)

DEREK SHERINIAN《Black Utopia》(美國明星陣容Progressive Metal)

DEREK SHERINIAN《Mythology》(美國明星陣容Progressive Metal)

DESPERADOS《The Dawn of Dying》(德國Country Metal)

DETRIMENTUM《A Monument to the Suffering》(英國Brutal Death Metal)

DEVIN TOWNSEND (OCEAN MACHINE)《Biomech》(加拿大Experimental Metal)

DEVIN TOWNSEND《Infinity》(加拿大Experimental Metal)

DEVIN TOWNSEND《Physicist》(加拿大Experimental Metal)

DEVIN TOWNSEND《Terria》(加拿大Experimental Metal)

THE DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND《Accelerated Evolution》(加拿大Experimental Metal)

DIM MAK《Intercepting Fist》(美國Death Metal)

DIMENSION ZERO《Penetrations from the Lost World》(瑞典Thrash Death Metal)

DIMENSION ZERO《Silent Night Fever》(瑞典Thrash Death Metal)

DISARMONIA MUNDI《Fragments of D-Generation》(意大利Melodic Death Metal a la SOILWORK)

DRACONIAN《Where Lovers Mourn》(瑞典Gothic Doom Metal)

DRACONIAN《Arcane Rain Fell》(瑞典Gothic Doom Metal)

DRAGONFORCE《Valley of the Damned》(英國Extreme Power Metal)

DRAGONFORCE《Sonic Firestorm》(英國Extreme Power Metal)

DRAGONFORCE《Inhuman Rampage》(英國Extreme Power Metal)

DSC《龍變》(香港中樂搖滾Progressive Rock)

DYSRHYTHMIA《Pretest》(美國Avantgarde Rock a la DON CABALLERO)

EAST TRADING WANG《Favela. Yayo. Caipirinha.》(愛沙尼亞Alternative Metal a la Seattle Grunge)

EMANCER《Invisible》(挪威Avantgarde Black Metal)

EMANCER《The Menace Within》(挪威Avantgarde Black Metal)

EMPTY TREMOR《Eros and Thanatos》(意大利Progressive Metal)

ENSIFERUM《Ensiferum》(芬蘭Viking Metal)

ESCHAROTIC《Escharotic》(香港Melodic Death Metal a la Arch Enemy)

THE ETERNAL《The Sombre Light of Isolation》(澳洲Gothic Doom Metal a la MY DYING BRIDE)

ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW《Vilda Mannu》(芬蘭Melodic Death Metal)

ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW《Chaotic Beauty》(芬蘭Melodic Death Metal)

ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW《A Virgin and a Whore》(芬蘭歌德色彩Melodic Death Metal經典作)

EVERGREY《The Dark Discovery》(瑞典Dark Progressive Metal)

EVERGREY《Solitude.Dominance.Tragedy》(瑞典Dark Progressive Metal)

EVERGREY《In Search of Truth》(瑞典Dark Progressive Metal)

EVERGREY《Recreation Day》(瑞典Dark Progressive Metal)

EVERGREY《The Inner CIrcle》(瑞典Dark Progressive Metal)

EVOCATION《Take Your Soul》(香港Melodic Black Metal)

EYES OF FIRE《Ashes to Embers》(美國Sludge Doom Metal)




FAIRYLAND《Of Wars in Osyhria》(法國Symphonic Power Metal a la RHAPSODY (OF FIRE))

FALL OF THE LEAFE《Volvere》(芬蘭Gothic Metal)

FARMAKON《A Warm Glimpse》(芬蘭Progressive Death Metal a la OPETH + FAITH NO MORE)

FEAR FACTORY《Soul of a New Machine》(美國Industrial Death Metal)

FEAR FACTORY《Demanufacture》(美國Extreme Industrial Metal經典作)

FEAR FACTORY《Obsolete》(美國Extreme Industrial Metal)

FEAR FACTORY《Digimortal》(美國Extreme Industrial Metal)

FEAR FACTORY《Concrete》(美國Industrial Death Metal)

FEAR FACTORY《Hatefiles》(美國Extreme Industrial Metal)

FEAR FACTORY《Archetype》(美國Extreme Industrial Metal)

FIREWIND《Between Heaven and Hell》(美國Power Metal)

FOREST OF SHADOWS《Where Dreams Turn to Dust》(瑞典Doom Metal遺珠經典)

FOREST OF SHADOWS《Departure》(瑞典Post-Rock式Doom Metal)

FRANTIC BLEEP《The Sense Apparatus》(挪威Dark Progressive Metal)

THE GAULT《Even As All Before Us》(美國Dark Metal)

GLORIA MORTI《Lifestream Corrosion》(芬蘭Black Death Metal a la BEHEMOTH)

GOD AMONG INSECTS《World Wide Death》(瑞典明星陣容Death Metal)

GORESOERD《Goremarket Mid-Prices》(愛沙尼亞Grind Death Metal)

GREEN CARNATION《Light of Day, Day of Darkness》(挪威Dark Progressive Metal)

GRIP INC.《Power of Inner Strength》(美國明星陣容Neo Thrash Metal)

GRIP INC.《Nemesis》(美國明星陣容Neo Thrash Metal)

GRIP INC.《Solidify》(美國明星陣容Neo Thrash Metal)

GRIP INC.《Incorporated》(美國明星陣容Neo Thrash Metal)

HELHEIM《Nidr Ok Nordr Liggr Helvegr》(挪威Viking Metal)

HEVEIN《Sound Over Matter》(芬蘭提琴Progressive Thrash Metal)

HOLLENTHON《Domus Mundi》(奧地利Symphonic Death Metal)

HOLLENTHON《With Vilest of Worms to Dwell》(奧地利Symphonic Death Metal)

HYPONIC《Black Sun》(香港Doom Death Metal經典作)

HYPONIC《Black Sun (reviewed by T.M.O.)》(香港Doom Death Metal經典作)

ICYCORE《Wetwired》(意大利Progressive Metal)

IHSAHN《The Adversary》(挪威Progressive Metal a la KING DIAMOND + EMPEROR)

IMAGO MORTIS《Vida: The Play of Change》(巴西Dark Progressive Metal a la CANDLEMASS)

INDenial《INDenial》(香港Modern Thrash Metal)

INFERNAL VENGEANCE《Dual Mayhem》(瑞典Folk Heavy Metal)

INSISION《Beneath the Folds of Flesh》(瑞典Brutal Death Metal a la SUFFOCATION)

INSISION《Revealed And Worshipped》(瑞典Brutal Death Metal a la SUFFOCATION)

INTO ETERNITY《Dead or Dreaming》(加拿大Progressive Death Metal a la DREAM THEATER + DEATH)

INTO ETERNITY《Buried in Oblivion》(加拿大Progressive Death Metal a la DREAM THEATER + DEATH)

INTO ETERNITY《The Scattering of Ashes》(加拿大Progressive Death Metal a la DREAM THEATER + DEATH)

JAAPORTIT《Uumenissa》(芬蘭Dark Ambient)

JANICE《Day & Night》(香港Standards)


KALMAH《They Will Return》(芬蘭Melodic Death Metal a la ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW/CHILDREN OF BODOM)


KATATONIA《Night is the New Day》(瑞典Melancholic Metal)

KING'S-EVIL《Deletion of Humanoise》(日本Thrash Metal a la Teutonic Thrash)

KLABAUTAMANN《Der Ort 》(德國Folk Black Metal)

KLIMT 1918《Undressed Momento》(意大利Alternative Gothic Metal)

KORPIKLAANI《Voice of Wilderness》(芬蘭Folk Metal)


LILITU《The Delores Lesion》(美國Melodic Death Metal/"Emo Death Metal")

LUNARIS《...the Infinite》(挪威Progressive Black Metal a la SPIRAL ARCHITECT + BORKNAGAR)

MACHINEMADE GOD《The Infinity Complex》(德國Metalcore a la AS I LAY DYING/UNEARTH)

MAGIC KINGDOM《Metallic Tragedy》(比利時技術派Symphonic Power Metal a la RHAPSODY + Yngwie Malmsteen)

MANITOU《The Mad Moon Rising》(芬蘭Progressive Metal)

THE MEDULLARY PARALYSIS《We Don't Drink, We Don't Take Drugs, We Don't Have Sex, We Feel Compassion》(意大利Industrial Rock a la Marilyn Manson)

MERCENARY《11 Dreams》(丹麥Dark Progressive Metal)

MESHUGGAH《Contradictions Collapse》(瑞典Technical Thrash Metal)

MESHUGGAH《None》(瑞典Technical/Math Thrash Metal)

MESHUGGAH《Destroy Erase Improve》(瑞典Technical/Math Thrash Metal經典作)

MESHUGGAH《Chaosphere》(瑞典Technical/Math Thrash Metal)

MESHUGGAH《Rare Trax》(瑞典Technical/Math Thrash Metal)

MESHUGGAH《Nothing》(瑞典Technical/Math Thrash Metal)

MESHUGGAH《I》(瑞典Technical/Math Thrash Metal)

METHOD《Survival ov the Fittest》(韓國Thrash Metal a la TESTAMENT)

MOLTEN LAVA DEATH MASSAGE《Eye of Ra》(香港Sludge Metal)

MYPROOF《Reason For My Justice》(日本Melodic Metalcore)

NAMELESS《The Overcome of the Portuguese Bastards》(比利時Thrash Metal)

NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE《Resurrection of the WIcked》(芬蘭Thrash Metal)

NECROMANCIA《Check Mate》(巴西Neo Thrash Metal a la MACHINE HEAD)

NIDINGR《Sorrow Infinite And Darkness》(挪威Black Metal)

NIGHTINGALE《Alive Again: The Breathing Shadow Part IV》(瑞典Hard Rock)

NIGHTRAGE《Sweet Vengeance》(瑞典明星陣容Melodic Death Metal)

NIGHTRAGE《Descent into Chaos》(瑞典明星陣容Melodic Death Metal)

NIGHTWISH《Angels Fall First》(芬蘭始祖級歌劇女聲Symphonic Metal)

NIGHTWISH《Oceanborn》(芬蘭始祖級歌劇女聲Symphonic Metal經典作)

NIGHTWISH《Wishmaster》(芬蘭歌劇女聲Power Metal)

NIGHTWISH《Over the Hills and Far Away》(芬蘭歌劇女聲Symphonic Metal)

NIGHTWISH《Century Child》(芬蘭歌劇女聲Symphonic Metal)

NIGHTWISH《Once》(芬蘭歌劇女聲Symphonic Metal)

NORDHEIM《River of Death》(巴西Power Metal)

NORTHER《Dreams of Endless War》(芬蘭Melodic Death Metal a la CHILDREN OF BODOM)

NORTHER《Mirror of Madness》(芬蘭Melodic Death Metal a la CHILDREN OF BODOM)

NORTHER《Death Unlimited》(芬蘭Melodic Death Metal a la CHILDREN OF BODOM)

NOX《Ixaxaar》(荷蘭Brutal Death Metal a la IMMOLATION)

THE OMEGA EXPERIMENT《Karma》(美國Modern Progressive Metal a la Devin Townsend)

OMNIUM GATHERUM《Steal the Light》(芬蘭Melodic Death Metal a la CHILDREN OF BODOM)

OMNIUN GATHERUM《Spirits And August Light》(芬蘭Melodic Death Metal a la CHILDREN OF BODOM)

OMNIUN GATHERUM《Years in Waste》(芬蘭Melodic Death Metal a la CHILDREN OF BODOM)

OPETH《Orchid》(瑞典Progressive Death Metal:'70 Progressive Rock + Death Metal)

OPETH《Morningrise》(瑞典Progressive Death Metal:'70 Progressive Rock + Death Metal)

OPETH《My Arms, Your Hearse》(瑞典Progressive Death Metal:'70 Progressive Rock + Death Metal)

OPETH《Still Life》(瑞典Progressive Death Metal:'70 Progressive Rock + Death Metal)

OPETH《Blackwater Park》(瑞典Progressive Death Metal:'70 Progressive Rock + Death Metal)

OPETH《Deliverance》(瑞典Progressive Death Metal:'70 Progressive Rock + Death Metal)

OPETH《Damnation》(瑞典Progressive Rock a la PORCUPINE TREE)

ORPHANED LAND《Mabool - The Story of the Three Sons of Seven》(以色列民族音樂Ethnic Metal)

ORTHON《Transmigrate》(香港Symphonic Black Metal a la DIMMU BORGIR, OLD MAN'S CHILD)

PAN-THY-MONIUM《Khaooohs & Kon-Fus-Ion》(瑞典Avantgarde Death Metal)

PECCATUM《Lost in Reverie》(挪威Avantgarde Metal)

PECCATUM《The Moribund People》(挪威Avantgarde Metal)

PERI M《彩虹淚》(香港Melodic Rock)

PERI M《又見》(香港Melodic Rock)

POVERTY'S NO CRIME《One in a Million》(德國Progressive Metal)

POVERTY'S NO CRIME《The Chemical Chaos》(德國Progressive Metal)


PROJECT: FAILING FLESH《A Beautiful Sickness》(美國Experimental Thrash Metal a la VOIVOD)

THE PROVENANCE《25th Hour; Bleeding》(瑞典Avantgarde Gothic Metal)

THE PROVENANCE《Still at Arms Length》(瑞典Avantgarde Gothic Metal)

THE PROVENANCE《How Would You Like To Be Spat At》(瑞典Avantgarde Gothic Metal)

懲罰者 THE PUNISHER《人民公僕 Public Servants(中國Thrash Metal)


QUEST OF AIDANCE《Fallen Man Collection》(瑞典明星陣容Grind Death Metal/"Predator Grind Death")

RAIN FELL WITHIN《Believe》(美國女聲Gothic Doom Metal a la SILENT CRY)

RAIN FELL WITHIN《Refuge》(美國女聲Gothic Doom Metal a la SILENT CRY)

REIGN LEE《Holding Back the Beast》(香港Ethnic New Age a la ENIGMA)

REQUIEM AETERNAM《Philosopher》(烏拉圭Extreme Progressive Metal a la OPETH)

ROOM WITH A VIEW《First Year Departure》(意大利Avantgarde Gothic Metal a la KATATONIA)


SCALPING SCREEN《13 Revolting Strains》(芬蘭Crossover)

SCALPING SCREEN《...Blood Out》(芬蘭Crossover)

SCARVE《Luminiferous》(法國Industrial Death Metal)

SCENT OF DEATH《Woven in the Book of Hate》(西班牙Death Metal a la N.Y. Death Metal)

SEMARGL《Attack on God》(烏克蘭Black Death Metal a la BEHEMOTH/DIMMU BORGIR)

SHAMBLESS《Apkas Itulia》(保加利亞Folk Black Metal a la HELLVETO/SUMMONING)

SHUBEND《Synergism》(瑞典Death Metal)

SILENT EDGE《The Eyes of the Shadow》(荷蘭Progressive Metal a la SYMPHONY X)

SIU2《Sonic Traveler》(香港中樂fusion Progressive Rock)

SOILWORK《Steelbath Suicide》(瑞典Melodic Death Metal)

SOILWORK《The Chainheart Machine》(瑞典Melodic Death Metal)

SOILWORK《A Predator's Portrait》(瑞典Melodic Death Metal經典作)

SOILWORK《Natural Born Chaos》(瑞典Melodic Death Metal經典作)

SOILWORK《Figure Number Five》(瑞典Melodic Death Metal)

SOILWORK《Stabbing the Drama》(瑞典Melodic Death Metal)

SONATA ARCTICA《Ecliptica》(芬蘭Power Metal經典作)

SONATA ARCTICA《Silence》(芬蘭Power Metal經典作)

SONATA ARCTICA《Winterheart's Guild》(芬蘭Power Metal)

SONATA ARCTICA《Reckoning Night》(芬蘭Power Metal)

STAR ONE《Space Metal》(荷蘭Progressive Metal)

STORMLORD《The Curse of Medusa》(意大利Symphonic Black Metal a la RHAPSODY in Black)

STORMLORD《At the Gates of Utopia》(意大利Symphonic Black Metal a la RHAPSODY in Black)

STRAPPING YOUNG LAD《Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing》(加拿大Extreme Industrial Metal)

STRAPPING YOUNG LAD《City》(加拿大Extreme Industrial Metal)

STRAPPING YOUNG LAD《No Sleep Till Bedtime》(加拿大Extreme Industrial Metal)

STRAPPING YOUNG LAD《SYL》(加拿大Extreme Industrial Metal)

STRAPPING YOUNG LAD《Alien》(加拿大Extreme Industrial Metal)

STRAPPING YOUNG LAD《The New Black》(加拿大Extreme Industrial Metal)

SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE《Temporary Psychotic State》(美國Avantgarde Rock)

SUHRIM《The Cunt Collector》(比利時Brutal Death Metal)

SUICIDE WATCH《Global Warning》(英國Thrash Metal)

SVARTSKOGG《Helvete 666》(挪威Thrash Black Metal)

SWALLOW THE SUN《The Morning Never Came》(芬蘭Doom Metal)

SWORD OF DARKNESS《Heathendom (reviewed by T.M.O.)》(越南Symphonic Black Metal)

Synergy《LAIKA》(香港Progressive Death Metal a la Opeth, Carcass circa Heartwork)

TAAKE《Hordaland Doedskvad》(挪威Black Metal)

TECHNOCRACY《Technocracy》(美國Industrial Neo Thrash Metal)

TEXTURES《Polars》(荷蘭Experimental Metal)

THIRST《Per Aspera Ad Astra》(波蘭Symphonic Black Metal a la EMPEROR)

THREAT SIGNAL《Under Reprisal》(加拿大Modern Metal a la FEAR FACTORY)

THRONE OF CHAOS《Menace and Prayer》(芬蘭Melodic Death Metal a la CHILDREN OF BODOM)

THRONE OF CHAOS《Pervertigo》(芬蘭Melodic Death Metal a la CHILDREN OF BODOM)

TIME REQUIEM《Time Requiem》(Progressive Metal)

TIME REQUIEM《The Inner Circle of Reality》(瑞典明星陣容新古典技術派Progressive Metal遺珠經典 a la SYMPHONY X)

TO-MERA《Transcendental》(瑞典明星陣容Progressive Metal)

TORCHBEARER《Warnaments》(瑞典明星陣容Melodic Death Metal)

TORTURE WHEEL《Crushed Under...》(美國Funeral Doom Metal a la ESOTERIC)

TOTAL DEVASTATION《Roadmap of Pain》(芬蘭Industrial Death Metal)

TOTAL DEVASTATION《Reclusion》(芬蘭Industrial Death Metal)

TRAIL OF TEARS《Free Fall into Fear》(挪威Extreme Progressive Metal)

TRISTWOOD《The Delphic Doctrine》(奧地利Industrial Black Death Metal)

TURISAS《Battle Metal》(芬蘭Epic Metal)

TYPE O NEGATIVE《Slow, Deep and Hard》(美國Gothic Metal)

TYPE O NEGATIVE《The Origin of the Feces》(美國Gothic Metal)

UNTIL DEATH OVERTAKES ME《Prelude To Monolith》(比利時Funeral Doom Metal)

URKRAFT《The Inhuman Aberration》(丹麥Thrash Death Metal)

V8 WANKERS《Automotive Rampage》(德國Heavy Metal a la MOTORHEAD)

VEDONIST《Awaking to Immortality》(波蘭Technical Death Metal)

VELVET REVOLVER《Contraband》(美國明星陣容Hard Rock)

VIPERINE《The Predator Awakens》(瑞典Power Metal)

VIRGIN BLACK《Sombre Romantic》(澳洲Avantgarde Dark Metal)

VIRGIN BLACK《Elegant...And Dying》(澳洲Avantgarde Dark Metal)

VITAL REMAINS《Dechristianize》(美國Epic Death Metal經典作)

VOIVOD《War and Pain》(加拿大科幻Thrash Metal)

VOIVOD《Rrroooaaarrr!》(加拿大科幻Thrash Metal)

VOIVOD《Killing Technology》(加拿大科幻Thrash Metal)

WHILE HEAVEN WEPT《Of Empires Forlorn》(美國Epic Doom Metal)

WINDS《Of Entity and Mind》(挪威室樂金屬Atmospheric Metal)

WINDS《Reflections of the I》(挪威室樂金屬Atmospheric Metal)

WINDS《The Imaginary Direction of Time》(挪威室樂金屬Atmospheric Metal)

WINTER《Into Darkness / Eternal Frost》(美國Doom Death Metal始祖級經典作)

WINTERSUN《Wintersun》(芬蘭Epic Metal a la ENSIFERUM)

WOLVERINE《The Window Purpose》(瑞典Progressive Metal a la PAIN OF SALVATION)

WOODS OF BELIAL《Deimos XIII》(芬蘭Industrial Doom Metal a la GODFLESH + ESOTERIC)

WORLD BELOW《Maelstrom》(瑞典明星陣容Doom Metal a la CANDLEMASS)

XANDRIA《Kill the Sun》(德國女聲Gothic Metal a la WITHIN TEMPTATION/LACUNA COIL)

XANDRIA《Ravenheart》(德國女聲Gothic Metal a la WITHIN TEMPTATION/LACUNA COIL)


YAKUZA《Way of the Dead》(美國Jazzcore)

丁菲飛《樂源》(香港Ethnic Fusion)

王菀之《Ivana(香港Soft Pop)

王菀之《I Love My Name(香港Soft Pop)

古幽靈 Ancient Spirit《完美世界 Perfect World(香港Gothic Metal a la LACRIMOSA)

有耳非文《叱吒女皇》(香港Indie Pop)

余力機構《快活》(香港Indie Pop)




陳奕迅《Taste the Atmosphere(香港Cantopop)

陳奕迅《Stranger Under My Skin(香港Cantopop)

Eason's Strange Taste Inside the Box

陳珊妮《後來 我們都哭了》(台灣Indie Pop)

蔡汶家《Homemade(香港Folk Pop a la AT17)


薩頂頂《萬物生》(中國Oriental Electronica)

薩頂頂《天地合》(中國Oriental Electronica)

薩頂頂《恍如來者》(中國Oriental Electronica)

謝安琪《Kay One(香港Indie Pop)

謝安琪《K sus2(香港Indie Pop)

謝安琪《The First Day(香港Indie Pop)




謝安琪《第二個家》(香港Mandarin Pop)


謝安琪《謝-安琪》(香港Mandarin Pop)


紙談金屬 Kowloon Metal City