ARSEBREED - Munching the Rotten

 專輯:Munching the Rotten
 公司:Neurotic Records
 樂風:Brutal Death Metal

由DISAVOWED、PYAEMIA、MANGLED等多支著名荷蘭死金樂團成員組成的ARSEBREED,都可算是一支明星組合。起初名為BLOODCUM,是由結他手Marco Pranger和DISAVOWED的Daniel Broek在2000年成立,在01年的demo "Arsestabbers"後因內部問題在02年解散,兩年後兩名結他手決定重組,新成員都是來自前述的名團,而ARSEBREED便是新生代的BLOODCUM的名字。

對他們的團名確是糟得很,怎樣看都像是些搞事樂團吧?但音樂方面卻絕對認真,2005年下旬經Neurotic Records推出的首張大碟"Munching the Rotten",收錄"Arsestabbers"的六曲和五首新曲。雖然專輯名字和歌名都很CANNIBAL CORPSE,音樂卻是DEEDS OF FLESH和DEICIDE派別的技術化殘酷死金。本來的團或者沒那麼多機會舒展身手,但來到這堻ㄗS有多少保留了,多變而複雜的拍子還有隨興的半音階,還有炮製不少精彩時刻的低音結他,還有特別的雙主音編制,整體專輯維持於一個穩定高水平,好此道者應會無任歡迎,但對一些人來說,這只代表全無起伏、過份重覆,所以屬好屬壞,還真要看聽者的口味。幸好後來的歌曲越來越精彩,最後兩首"Vomit Heaps Of Flesh"和"Chopped In Excrements"是脫穎而出的作品,編排與氣氛都與別不同,值得一提的是兩首都是新曲,此作的缺點確是欠缺特點,如下一作是按照此兩曲的路向再加強雙主音的效果,縱沒足夠新意,水準仍可再上層樓。另一值得一提的,是整張專輯的後期製作是由歌手Robbe K.完成,層次與清晰的錄音完全適合他們這種要求每個音符都應聽得清清楚楚的高技術複雜音樂,最特別的是主唱方面是在家中的閣樓錄製的!

可以說是新意不足,但他們的本意就是復古,只是想玩自己想玩的音樂。同時在音樂以外,樂隊還特別收錄了一個《"Munching the Rotten"製作特輯》,可看到這班老手如何從容自若地輕鬆完成此作的錄音。

歌曲試聽:"Stabbed in the Arse"


 Album: Munching the Rotten
 Label: Neurotic Records
 Year: 2005
 Genre: Brutal Death Metal

One can say ARSEBREED is a Netherlander all-star death metal band as it includes members of several famous death metal like DISAVOWED, PYAEMIA and MANGLED. Formed by two guitarists Daniel Broek of DISAVOWED and Marco Pranger in 2001 under the name of BLOODCUM, they disbanded in 2002 after the demo "Arsestabbers" due to internal issues. Two years later the two decided to reform the band with members from the aforementioned bands, and this new lineup named themselves ARSEBREED.

This is really a shit name that sounds like they are a joke band. Yet the music does the talking: they are playing totally technical brutal death metal in DEEDS OF FLESH, DEICIDE vein, despite album and song titles remind you of CANNIBAL CORPSE. Neurotic Records released their debut "Munching the Rotten" which includes the six songs from "Arsestabbers" and five new songs in late 2005. Perhaps they did not have enough chances to stretch their limbs in their original bands, every member played with their best in this album. Complex songs and tempo, crazy chromatic fretworks, magnificent bass playing and dual vocalists attack maintain the whole album at a steady high standard. If you are into this kind of technical death metal will undoubtedly embrace it with joy; for some people the whole album just sounds repetitive. Fortunately songs in the later half is at high quality, especially the last two "Vomit Heaps Of Flesh" and "Chopped In Excrements" which are quite different from the rest in structure and atmosphere. It is remarkable that both songs are newly written. This album truly suffers from nothing innovative, yet if the next album follows the blueprints of these two songs and enhances the power of dual vocals will surely be a killer even still nothing really original. Singer Robbe K., also from DISAVOWED, handled the mixing and mastering job of this album. Every note of every song can be heard clearly in the crisp recording which suits their kind of technical music perfectly. The most astonishing is that the vocals are recorded in the attic of their house!

Nothing groundbreaking at all, but the band doesn't care as they just want to go retro and play the music they love. Remember to put the CD into your computer to watch the "making of" video which you could see how effortlessly the band completed the recording of this album!

Sample: "Stabbed in the Arse"
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